Dinh mountain – Ho Coc: Ba Ria Vung Tau

About 120km from Ho Chi Minh City, Ba Ria – Vung Tau is an ideal destination on weekends, with beautiful beaches, historical mountains that used to be shelter for soldiers during the resistance war. Ba Ria people are generous, sincere and hospitable.

Come and feel a peaceful Ba Ria – Vung Tau, climb the mountain and enjoy the panoramic view of the city, then immerse yourself in the blue sea, feel the salty taste of the sun and the wind mixed with a little sea salt, and enjoy the fresh seafood!


nui Dinh Ho Coc
Dinh mountain – Ho Coc: Ba Ria Vung Tau


The tour departs every Saturday morning with the group of minimum 15 pax and maximum 29 pax. In case you need a private tour, Simple Backpackers are pleased to serve all your needs with the demand of flexible time.

  • Pick up at bus stop. Tour guides help you find your seats and arrange the luggage.
  • Eplore Compass Peak of Dinh mountain and see the panoramic view of Ba Ria city
  • Enjoy lunch. Then move to the campsite at Ho Coc beach
  • Game in the beach and free swiming
  • Seafood BBQ
  • Free activities in the camp area and rest.
  • The campground is private, with basic facilities such as: bath room and self-contained toilet. You can recharge your electronic devices at central shack.

  • Wake up and wait for the beautiful sunrise on the sea
  • Have breakfast, sip early hot tea | coffee
  • Free swiming
  • Visit Trúc Lâm Chân Không Pagoda, Bạch Vân cave, Dinh Cô.
  • Enjoy lunch and sumarize the trip
  • The shuttle bus moves to Saigon (depending on your needs, the bus will stop at Long Thanh Milk Cow stop)

The bus will arrive at Saigon around 5PM, depending on the actual traffic situation.

Congratulations! You have completed the journey.

Expore – Dream – Discover

nui Dinh Ho Coc

Ho Coc is one of the most beautiful beach in Vietnam

nui Dinh Ho Coc

Peaceful Phuoc Hai fishing village

nui Dinh Ho Coc

Ho Coc Campsite

nui Dinh Ho Coc

Camping and chill out

nui Dinh Ho Coc

Compass Peak of Dinh mountain

seafood BBQ

Enjoy fresh seafood of Ba Ria Vung Tau

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Simple Backpackers is proud to bring to you and your team, your company reliable and quality tours. Please contact us immediately to design a unique, attractive tour with the best price for your team.

High quality, professional and safe experience tour with:

  • Professional tour guide and support (1 for 2 or 4 tourist)
  • Transpotations
  • Accomodation
  • Food and drinks
  • Survival kits and first-ad
  • Domestic travel insurance (Up to 100 million Vietnam Dong for each package)

Quý khách chỉ cần chuẩn bị hành trang gọn cá nhân gọn nhẹ.

Essential items Note
Identification Passport, insurance health care, ATM card
Water Each tourist has 1,5 liters of pure water per day. Carry more as your need but should not exceed 3 liters
Trekking / Hiking backpack The hip belt ensures all-day carrying comfort. The size is at least 25 liters to carry all your items.
Important note: Rain cover for your backpack must be available
Trekking / Hiking shoes Do not use worn down shoes that can cause sideslip. No running or walking shoes.

Recommend to use trekking / hiking shoes (vibram) with size of the shoes is bigger than normal 1 size. Good drainage is preferred.

Sport clothes Comfortable for trekking activities. No pants, short pants or jeans
Sleeve cover, scarf, hat, widened harness belt

At least one more long socks in case wet.

Widened harness belt prevents you from insect crawling into your clothes. Sleeve cover, scarf and hat keep your skin safe from sunburn.

Rain cover Keep your body dry through heavy rain
Coat The temperature at campsite may drop down at night and early morning.
Waterproof bag Cover all your clothes and electronics before putting into your backpack
High energy snack and drink Depends on your need. (such as: chocolate, energy bar, snack,...)
Health care for individual as doctor's advice Any issue of your health condition must be approved by your doctor within personal drug treatment.

Option items:

  • A personal slipper for activities at night.
  • Personal camera
  • Torch
  • Charger

Transfer 100% of the total price is required to secure your reservation and for well preparation (Deposit of 500,000 VND is available for reservation). Once the booking has been processed, you will receive a Reservation Confirmation email that outlines a summary of your booking. Please review the information carefully and contact us if you have any questions or require any changes.

Cancellation (backward from the departure day)
  • Before 10 days: return 100% attending fee
  • Before 7 days: return 50% attending fee
  • Before 5 days: return 10% attending fee
  • From day 4 to departure day: not return
Postponement or change tour: (backward from the departure day)
  • Before 10 days: Free
  • Before 7 days: surcharge 40% attending fee
  • Before 5 days: surcharge 70% attending fee
  • From day 4 to departure day: as cancellation and make new registration. Pay 100% attending fee

Note: Customers will be returned or surcharge the difference of cost between two tours

  1. Being responsible for your health conditions and were instructed to participate in the tour.
  2. Being responsible for any health problems to treat that may cause danger during your participation in the tour and being approved by your doctor that you can participate in this tour.
  3. Being noticed that trekking can cause several unwanted injuries and you accept that may occur during your participation in this tour.
  4. No tree cutting and No hunting. Do not leave in the campsite at night. Using torch and moving safely while going around campsite at night.
  5. Go above the first tour guide or go behind the last tour guide is prohibited. Do not leave the team without permission of tour leader or inform any tour guide.
  6. Keep the environment clean. No littering. All organic or inorganic waste will be handled by our tour guides.
  7. Do not swim in the ocean, river, stream, lake, or enter the dangerous area without your tour guide's consent and without protective equipment.
  8. Inform the nearest tour guide as soon as you need help or something goes wrong.
  9. Not carry explosives, chemicals that affect the forest habitat.
  10. Follow the guidance of the tour guide team when participating in activities. Comply with the decisions of tour leader when problem occurs.
  11. Comply with the the laws of Vietnam.

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