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Who are Simple Backpackers?

Simple Backpackers is a net of professional experienced tour operators with many years experience in tourism.

Simple Backpackers, a group young people with a deep love and a strong sense of nature protection, are keen to build Green travel. Our ambition is to be one of the most prestigious booking tours experience in Vietnam.

Our target customers?

Experience travel is a new and growing type of tourism in Vietnam, but it is not new in other countries in the world. Our guests are nature lovers who have a sense of responsibility for the environment and the desire to "return to nature" - create a space for themselves close to the purest nature. Appropriated age: most commonly from 10 to 55 years old. Different journeys will have specific age requirements. During the preparation for the trip, our facilitator will regularly exchange information with you about the exercise and health issues to take note. Guests who do not meet the conditions of the trip will have official feedback within 7 days before departure.

Simple Backpackers Philosophy

"Take nothing but picture. Leave nothing but footprints. Kill nothing but time"


Traveling types

We specialize in organizing the experience tours including: trekking, hiking, camping and road trip. We also design customized tours to meet your needs.

Our Unique
  • Make a trip with a lively experience where you can immerse yourself in nature, learn to listen to nature and find the peace of mind.
  • Leave no trace: Our trips always have strict guidelines for protecting and preserving the environment as well as respecting nature. Let’s become the civilized guests of Mother Nature
  • You will be equipped with the basic knowledge, the most necessary skills to complete the whole roads
  • After each trip, each guest will have some new experiences and interesting things to enrich the book of life. Especially, you will have some great friends who are your companions on the whole trip.
  • Explore - Dream - Discover
Our booking procedure

Our booking procedure:

  • Receive information
  • Process information, confirm with customers
  • Care and follow-up to assist in the timely preparation of the customer
  • Organizing the tour: always have the tour leader with the highest responsibility, guides and supporters work together to ensure safety for customers. Customers can keep peace of mind because Simple Backpackers will always take care of everything.
  • Receive respond and feedback from customer after the trip


Can I take part in a trip if I have nerver been in any experience travel trip before?

The most important element of the participant's experience is the love for nature and the spirit to dare to overcome your own limits and conquer the challenges. You need a basic health and must have a good preparation under the guidance of Simple Backpackers before your trip, we believe you are absolutely ready to lead the way.

How can I book a tour?

You can sign up for Simple Backpackers tour by one of the following ways with our 24/7 support and our quickest response:

  1. Navigate to Simple Backpackers website and select the tour you want to join -> Book now -> Check out -> Complete booking information-> Place order.
  2. Navigate to Contact form and send the request.
  3. Send the tour request (with the name of the tour you want to join) to our email
  4. Chat via Facebook page: Simple Backpackers
How can I know my booking register successful?

Simple Backpackers will send a confirmation email to customer upon receipt of the registration information.

Note: Email is to confirm that you have successfully registered. The registration process only complete once you have provided enough information to request and fulfill the cost of the tour.

Can I transfer the registered tour to someone else?

Yes, you can.

Please send your request at least 3 days in advance. We will confirm with the replacement and register new related services for this person. In case your announcement is later than 3 days, there will be a charge of 300,000 VND for late.

How can I pay for the tour?

After booking, you will receive a response email including the payment term. Currently, we have two means of payment:

  1. Transfer tour costs to our bank accounts
  2. Pay directly at the pre-tour meeting (at least 7 days)


What should I prepare for the tour?

Each tour has detailed information about the individual items to prepare (Policy tab). During preparation time, the support team will have the necessary reminders so that you have the best preparation for the trip.

Is there any extra cost?

Simple Backpackers package tours include all necessary services, no extra costs. Please refer to the detail of each tour.

Please note: The package does not include expenses for junk food, motorbike taxi fee, transportation fee to pick up from guests home, the cost of motorcycle parking by night,...

Is adventure tour dangerous?

Taking part in the experience tour, going into the wilderness is entering a completely strange land, and unexpected things can happen. However, falling, rubbing, insect bite or unexpected encounter with snakes... are very familiar issues of this type of travel, you should not too worry. Team guide will always be with you and support, handle in time. With the experience of organizing the tour, with the professional guidance team, we are confident to bring you a safe and enjoyable trip. You absolutely can believe in the guidance and decisions to solve the situation of the team leader.

Is there any insurance for me in tour?

All Simple Backpackers’ customers have domestic travel insurance with the total value up to 100 million VND. Please see more details in each tour

I pay for the tour but I can’t go this time. Can I postpone or change to another tour?

You have the right to postpone or change the tour, with the following conditions: count from the departure date)

  • Before 10 days: Free
  • Before 7 days: surcharge 40% attending fee
  • Before 5 days: surcharge 70% attending fee
  • From day 4 to departure day: as cancellation and make new registration. Pay 100% attending fee.

Note: In case of changing tour, a difference amount between old tour and new tour will be refunded or collected from customers

Is there any refund for cancellation?

Simple Backpackers have a clear cancellation policy for each tour. For more details: Transfer of 100% of travel expenses is required to ensure the booking and preparation work. You will receive a booking confirmation email, along with detailed tour information. Please read the information carefully and give us feedback if you have any questions or any changes in the booking.

Cancellation policy (count from the departure date)

  • Before 10 days: return 100% attending fee
  • Before 7 days: return 50% attending fee
  • Before 5 days: return 10% attending fee
  • From day 4 to departure day: not return
Do I have freedom on tour?

You have freedom during the tour, but freedom is in permission. You need to follow tour regulations and your actions do not affect other members as well as nature (More details in the information of each tour)


What are promotion programs for customers?
  • 5% discount for loyal customers who have joined any trip with Simple Backpackers
  • 3% discount for a booking in group from 5 paxs
  • 5% discount for a booking in group from 9 paxs
How can I get tour promotions?

You can register for the promotion by dragging to the bottom of the page and leave the mail address in the frame DEAL & DISCOUNT & DESIGN YOUR TRIP. Congratulations! You will be the first one to receive notifications of Simple Backpackers' special offers!

What if I want a tour as my wish?

Simple Backpackers is always willing to design a private tour for individual guests, couples and groups.

The cost will always be equal with quality to ensure the most excited experience and your safety. Special price for group. Contact Simple Backpackers now!


Do Simple Backpackers cancel tour?

In some cases of majeure circumstances (bad weather, flood, natural disaster, etc.), Simple Backpackers will postpone the tour and inform you. If you want to cancel, we will refund the booking fee to you after deducting operating costs (about 10 - 30% total cost)

Is there any program after tour?

Of course. There are offline sessions to review unforgettable memories Or You can join the next trip with your companions. Simple Backpackers open a group to chat and share information.

You don’t want to miss anything, do you?