Please read the following questions before submitting the new one:

How can I book a tour?

You can sign up for Simple Backpackers tour by one of the following ways with our 24/7 support and our quickest response:

  1. Navigate to Simple Backpackers website and select the tour you want to join -> Book now -> Check out -> Complete information -> Place order.
  2. Navigate to Contact form and send the request.
  3. Send the tour request (with the name of the tour you want to join) to our email simplebackpackers@gmail.com
  4. Chat via Facebook page: Simple Backpackers
How can I know my booking register successful?

Simple Backpackers will send a confirmation email to customer upon receipt of the registration information.

Note: Email is to confirm that you have successfully registered. The registration process only complete once you have provided enough information to request and fulfill the cost of the tour.

Is there any refund for cancellation?

Simple Backpackers have a clear cancellation policy for each tour. For more details: Transfer of 100% of travel expenses is required to ensure the booking and preparation work. You will receive a booking confirmation email, along with detailed tour information. Please read the information carefully and give us feedback if you have any questions or any changes in the booking.

Cancellation policy (count from the departure date)

  • Before 10 days: return 100% attending fee
  • Before 7 days: return 50% attending fee
  • Before 5 days: return 10% attending fee
  • From day 4 to departure day: not return
Is there any insurance for me in tour?

All Simple Backpackers’ customers have domestic travel insurance with the total value up to 100 million VND. Please see more details in each tour.

Is experience tour dangerous?

Taking part in the experience tour, going into the wilderness is entering a completely strange land, and unexpected things can happen. However, falling, rubbing, insect bite or unexpected encounter with snakes… are very familiar issues of this type of travel, you should not too worry. Team guide will always be with you and support, handle in time. With the experience of organizing the tour, with the professional guidance team, we are confident to bring you a safe and enjoyable trip. You absolutely can believe in the guidance and decisions to solve the situation of the team leader

Can I take part in a trip if I have never been in any experience travel trip before?

The most important element of the participant’s experience is the love for nature and the spirit to dare to overcome your own limits and conquer the challenges. You need a basic health knowledge and must have a good preparation under the guidance of Simple Backpackers before your trip, we believe you are absolutely ready to lead the way.

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